History and Phisosophy

The agricultural company Sbarzaglia is located in Villanova of Ravenna, in the middle of the Ravenna’s farmland, a land reach of History, very close to the sea side . Founded in the 1966 from Guerrino Sbarzaglia the company is taking care basically of the family properties. Then growing under Lorenzo Sbarzaglia’s guide which gave his own administrating experience matured in the agricultural sector, initiating an overall renewing, making use of  high technologies which resulted in a constant growing with a territorial expansion. Only in 2002, again from father to son with the direction of Luca Sbarzaglia a whole transformation took place, principally oriented to the development of the wine-producing branch; this way renewing the existing vineyard and as well as implanting their clones. Making use of new technologies, very high tech systems that mostly suits the grape culture. We invested a lot in the grape variety that mostly represented our territory called  “grape of TUNDE’” an autochthonous for which was discovered and enhanced by our farm in cooperation with university researchers.

The first years were the most passionate and intense ones, translating into a wine holding our name appreciated by a large public. From here the ambitious project of a wine cellar which gives us the opportunity of being able to control every single stage of the wine creation directly from the company, a condition fundamental to reach the high qualitative standards that we want to obtain. An already existing edifice got regained and transformed to become suitable for the new destination; in time for  the grape harvest in the same year got equipped to be suitable for the wine processing, room for aging, a special room for tasting, and a representation office. In the month of June 2010 we inaugurated it with lots of satisfaction, for its success. Till now the wine cellar is at his best growth being very operative; the high passion and hard work in doing our job, as well as the professionalism of our collaborators  turns into a very fine and excellent product.



Every land has its own tradition.

Each land can be told through its stories, its passions, the way it proposes itself to the world, versus the future that is waiting. Usually those traditions by time they tend to vanish, others strongly re-emerge memoirs of the past work, battles and sacrifices. This is the philosophy that guides our agricultural company, from which comes out the willing to share products that talk about us, our origins, of a passion hand down from our grandfather because from him everything began, because from him, three human  generation followed each other in order for the past to become present again.


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