It ignores the origin of this important grape of Bordeaux. Arrives in Italy in late 1800 in the vineyards of some enlightened wine of the Veneto and in 50-60 years reaches its maximum spread. And ‘however, since the early 90 which undergoes a real appreciation and is not used to produce wines with meals, but common to produce wines of great quality that imparts softness, elegance and color stability. Its production per plant is limited, especially if combined with good leaf surface, but its qualitative potential is very interesting and is expressed in intense wines characteristics, low acidity, softness, good balance of tannins and anthocyanins. The genetic improvement has made available a large number of growers including some clones are more products with fruity aromas.

Its name recalls that of the Blackbird, the color of its plumage. In the past, was considered a “feminine wine” for being soft and fruity, some Merlot, although have shown that in particular conduction of production, elegance and power characteristics were not antithetical.

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