Grapes of Tundè

At the end of the project “lesser grape”, funded under the Regional Law 28/08 coordinated by CRPV (Vegetal Production Research Center) and undertaken by the Center for Interdisciplinary Research viticulture and winemaking at the University of Bologna, has conducted a number of investigations that have allowed the extraction of DNA from the plant and its genetic analysis has identified a new biotype with interesting morphological features, then assessed for their ability wine. “The Grapes of Tundè’” leaf has a small to medium size, pentagonal and v open. The bunch is medium, cylindrical-pyramidal with one or two wings, medium compact, the berries are medium to small, rounded and with blue-black skin of medium thickness, medium bloom. The wine is intense ruby red color with violet hues and pronounced olfactory profile and particular, good body and persistence. The long years of research and analysis carried out directly within our Company, which promotes the process of discovery has its own vineyards at the disposal of researchers, led to the inclusion of ‘”Grapes of Tunde’” in the National Register of variety of screw and its inclusion in the List of approved varieties for the Emilia-Romagna (Determination of the Head of the Plant Production No. 9852 of October 5, 2009) and subsequent publication in the Official Bulletin of the Emilia-Romagna.
The company’s philosophy and commitment have always been oriented to the full development of products related to the territory and the role that can play in the renewal of old vines in viticulture. The grape varieties as a strategic factor of distinction: It is against this background that in February 2010 was founded the “Grapes of Tunde’ Consortium” with the aim to protect, enhance and promote the vine on the SBARZAGLIA FARM territory which is the first manufacturer on the national scene, the wine made from grapes of Tunde’ in purity, with the two productions “SOSPIRO” and “SILENTE” version of it in precious reserves.

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