Some recent discoveries in molecular biology have rewritten the genetic origin of Chardonnay, identifying his parents: Pinot Noir and Govais. At Charlemagne and the Benedictine Rule is credited with having rebuilt the vineyards of continental Europe and its spread throughout the territory. In Italy this variety was first introduced in the Italian Tyrol after he began timidly to get diffused removing that common place to which all the warm regions unsuitable for the cultivation of this variety. The development of the classic sparkling wine has further contributed to the spread of the chardonnay indispensable grape for the preparation of the bases. In the world you know three types of wine Chardonnay, which are the result of different interactions with the environment and specific wine choices.

It had long been confused with the Pinot Blanc, up to the point that the distinction in Italy dates back only to 1974.
His consecration as a grape to produce wines for the “froth” is thanks to this Giulio Ferrari, grower and then a small producer of sparkling wine that spreads in Trentino in the wine growers of the area.

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