The winery was founded in order to create a structure to qualify the area through the creation of quality products: since then we try to remain faithful to our mandate combining the best research and manufacturing company relying on land and on the cellar. Our wines come from a deep understanding of the interaction between environment, land and vine. Grape harvest and wine making, in particular, are carried out directly in the company and follow step by step since experience shows that the best wines are obtained through careful attention and selection of grapes, but above all thanks to careful winemaking which follows the scrupulous adherence to the rules and time in the winery.

Tradition and innovation coexist perfectly in a highly technological environment, where Luca has managed to combine a modern concept of working with the spirit of ancient teachings.

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Azienda Agricola - Cantina Sbarzaglia
Via San Giuseppe, 8
48124 Villanova di Ravenna (RA)
Tel. 0544 / 499205

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